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How Marquis Who's Who changed Warren Buffett's Life

An accomplished and renowned investor, and business mogul, Mr. Buffett understood early in his career the true importance of our work in highlighting great American achievement.

“To be able to [read about] the lives of these people that have been through so much … it’s so extraordinary; the lessons, the discouragements they’ve faced, everything about them.”


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Jack Barchas

Barklie McKee Henry Professor and Chair, Psychiatrist-in-Chief

"Many, many thanks for your wonderful editing of the feature, and for your help with..."

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Nondis Chesnut

Educator, Writer, Learning Specialist, Author

"Wow! You really did your stuff — what a terrific job. Absolutely magnificent. I received..."

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Christopher Duma


"All sorts of people are sending me the clip from The Wall Street Journal. I’m getting..."

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Kim Trainor Davis

Owner, President

"I got the Millennium Magazine [on] Friday! I love it. This is the..."

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Martin Edelstein

Family Practice Physician

"GREAT JOB! Perfect Revision Three Cheers!!!..."

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Susan Aurelia Gitelson, PhD

President and CEO

"Yesterday evening a meeting I attended included some eager young professional women who had..."

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Jia Zhao

Senior Counsel

"Thank you all for the privilege and honor to be included in the prestigious List, an honor and acknowledgment I shall..."

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Stephen S. Morse, PhD


"Star Jones and Erica were both very personable.  I enjoyed the meet and greet.  Star has a..."

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Jerzy Sarosiek

Professor, Vice Chair for Research

"Thank you very much for your excellence in service..."

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J. Harvie Wilkinson III


"Thank you very much for the finalized professional narrative. I am happy to approve it. My thanks to..."

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