Millennium Magazine

olivia ferrante

Olivia Ferrante

About a week ago I got the Millennium Magazine. I didn’t expect my name to be in [such] huge letters! I kept one and sent one to my godchild. I [even] told my doctors and they were so excited! I’m very impressed that I was picked.

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kim trainor davis

Kim Trainor Davis

I got the Millennium Magazine [on] Friday! I love it. This is the best written [piece] of anything that’s been done. Kim Trainor Davis

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kim davis

Kim Davis

Susan, So great to speak with you today. Thank you for always taking such great care of me, and for being a friend over the past many years. Wanted to let you know of ALL the many things written about me over the years through Worldwide Branding and now, Marquis,

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female silhouette picture placeholder

Florence Woods

I’ve spent an hour “leafing” through the magazine. It is truly a beautiful volume, great layout, imaginative approach, colorful. I was astonished that so many listees did not wish to have their pictures shown. I find that disappointing–I do want to see what people look like. All in all, Marquis

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