mario castillo

Mario Castillo

Atrist, Educator

Good Morning to all at Top Professionals Department

WOW!!! You are the real true TOP PROFESSIONALS because of how you are dealing with the presentation of my feature. I was not expecting for your department to work with me in making this be the best feature representation of my career that it can be. I am amazed and very pleased that you are doing this!!! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!

I honestly loved all of what you did with the images, their layout design and text, but since I was asked if I wanted to participate in making any changes to the feature, I gladly took the invitation to provide whatever input I could come up with… and this is where we are at.

Yes, I love your last suggestions about including Perceptualism and the additional data on my mural history. I think that would be excellent!!! I thought that including both would be too much for you, but since you are saying it is OK, it certainly is fine with me too since this sheds more light on the many activities I have been involved with.

So first, I am sending a complete and better image of the “three-page fold-out” mural at the NMMA: It is on display at the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago. The title is:

“The Ancient Memories of Mayahuel’s People Still Breathe” painted in 1996

Mayahuel is the goddess of the maguey plant (the plant from which tequila is made), which had a great deal of uses during ancient times.

This mural was commissioned by the Chicago Historical Society and the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum. As you can see, I did extensive research on what images to include. The title also makes reference to one of its main themes which is related to Native American Animism and this is inherent in the word “Breathe.”

- Mario Castillo

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